Where to Find a Well Drilling Rig to Help People

It may be hard to comprehend, but the fact is that one of every eight people in the world does not have access to clean water. Many adults and children living in villages in third world countries spend several hours each and every day, walking for many kilometres just to collect dirty, unsafe water from streams and mud holes. In cities, water is often fetched from heavily polluted rivers and streams or people end up paying far too much money to buy it from street vendors who obtain it from dubious sources. Most often than not, this water is not clean and it is unsafe, but these people simply have no choice.

If this saddens you and you would like to get involved to help then you should be applauded. If you have the resources, the time and the dedication to purchase a well digging rig and can arrange to have it transported overseas, your efforts will be deeply appreciated by many and for many years to come. There will be a considerable amount of planning involved in a plan this ambitious, plus you will need to know where to get your rig from.

You can purchase a new portable rig quite easily if you have several thousand pounds to spare. There are numerous well digging companies operating in the UK that can easily be located by running a search on the internet. Most of these companies will work with you in order get the rig delivered to wherever you need it to be.

If you would rather purchase a used well digging rig so that those extra few thousand pounds can be put to other good use, the internet is still your best source for finding second-hand rigs. Many drilling companies regularly replace their old rigs with newer equipment and place them for sale online. In nearly every case, the rigs have been fully inspected and serviced and will even come with a limited guarantee ensuring that they will work as specified.

Since your work overseas will be focused on bringing water to those without access to it, the portable well digging rigs are ideal as they can easily be operated by one man. A typical rig will operate via a 16 or so horsepower engine, belt drive transmission, a power winch with remove control and a water swivel, break-out tools and high strength drill stem. You can expect it to have solid carbide blade drill bits, a mud pump attached as well as a pressure hose assembly. Many portable drilling rigs work great on uneven terrain and are equipped with durable wheels for ease of movement and total manoeuvrability. The portable rigs can be taken into areas where the big truck rigs cannot go, without destroying natural terrain and landscape in the process and you are able to drill the exact same water well with the portable drills as the big trucks are capable of.

Taking a well drilling rig abroad to an area that is inhabited by people who are desperate for fresh water is something that is not only highly commendable, but it is a gesture that you will be thanked for in so many ways that you cannot even imagine. Water is the most basic element on earth and one in which every single one of use depends on for our mere survival. Not having access to water may be unimaginable to us but there are millions of people on this planet who struggle every minute of every day to stay alive, living on very little water that is often deemed unsafe to drink.

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