Water Security With Hydraulic Drills

Look around the Internet and you will find plenty of news outlets discussing the upcoming water shortage. The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that residents of 1/3 of the United States, especially the Southwest, will face difficulties finding fresh drinking by the year 2050. Not only will this lead to higher prices for water use in your own home, it will also lead to a reduced food supply, less available energy for heating and cooling homes and even severe water rationing policies instituted by the government.

Water Sustainability Map 2050 hydraulic drils

Image Courtesy of Natural Resources Defense Council

While the media loves to report on “doom and gloom” stories, they often overlook positive breakthroughs. Many homeowners, farmers and businesses now use their own hydraulic drills to create water wells on their own property. Hydraulic drills are capable of drilling up to 300 feet below ground to tap into water reserves on your own property, allowing you to take control of your water supply for decades to come.


The Versatility of Hydraulic Drills

Whether you need a new source of drinking water, a new way to irrigate your crops on a small farm or if you just want to fill up a new swimming pool, hydraulic “custom designed” drills make it possible. Compact, easy-to-use hydraulic rigs are available that make it easy to drill on your own property. Unlike large trucks, these compact rigs are capable of drilling in “hard-to-reach” areas. Because of their size, your drill does not leave as much of an environmental impact and does not ruin your landscape. They are also easy to use and require only a small team, or in some cases, a single operator.


Cleaner Drinking Water Through Hydraulic Drills

In recent years, the American energy industry has fallen in love with fracking, the process of fracturing rocks with high-pressure water in order to extract natural gas. Estimates show that 30 percent of the country’s electricity now comes from natural gas extracted from fracking operations. The downside to this recent boom in energy is that it uses a huge portion of our water supply. Reports also confirm that fracking operations primarily use surface water and contaminate it so badly in the towns they occupy that it becomes impossible to get water from the sink or take a shower without proper ventilation.

With already dwindling water supplies, fracking operations are damaging what little of the precious resource we have left. Instead of waiting for the government to take action and write legislation to clean up the fracking industry’s act, find cleaner water underground with your own hydraulic drills.


More Freedom for Your Business

Not only does hydraulic drilling help you reserve more clean drinking water, it can also help you and your business become energy independent. If you run a large, industrial company, one of the biggest costs to your business is heating and cooling your building and running your machinery. With your own water well, you can develop the resources that make it possible to run your own geo-thermal heating and cooling system on your property. Not only does this save you money on your energy costs, it also reduces your company’s carbon footprint and helps your business become more sustainable.


Drill Baby Drill!

If you are ready to declare your water independence, companies like Midwestern LLC. have the tools necessary for you to get started. Drilling operations can cost less than $7.00 per foot, fully burdened. Training packages are available to those with little experience with drilling equipment and prices are customizable to fit your specific needs.