Top 5 Reasons To Invest In A S83 Pneumatic Drill

A S83 Pneumatic Drill could be a high-quality addition to your project. What makes the S83 so great?

1. Proven design: At 72 pounds, this pneumatic drill is best on the market. We assemble our drills with high-end parts that are manufactured in-house. Our 65 years of experience have made us the experts in pneumatic drills, so we’ve engineered the S83 drill to hold up against wear and tear like no other drill on the market.

 2. Versatility: With a 2.5 inch stroke, the S83 drill works for a variety of projects. It’s an ideal product for drilling in quarries, sniffer holes, or on construction sites. Not only does this drill come with a comfortable neoprene handle, it can be converted to a Jack Leg Drill. It’s also available in wet or dry models.

 3. Affordability: Our products are competitively priced. Although our drills are more expensive than foreign drills, the difference is obvious. Midwestern Drill does not cut corners, so you know you’re investing in a high quality product you can trust.

 4. Easy to use: You don’t have time to spend hours learning how to use complicated products. This drill is easy to use, which makes it suitable for many projects and jobs.

 5. Reliability: Midwestern Drill has been manufacturing products since the 1940s. This line is the most dependable on the market, so you can count on these drills to get the job done. We have a long history of customer satisfaction. We keep all replacement parts on hand, so we can easily get our customers the replacement parts they need.