Power and Usability in the HRT110

Hydraulic drills are the perfect combination of power and usability. With larger models venturing up into the hundreds of thousands, the common person doesn’t have the money, nor the experience to own one. Models like HRM110 now provide the ability to use high-powered drills in a home setting. With 0º radius turns, they can navigate through backyard, causing very little disturbance to the yard. With a quick onsite tutorial, training takes just a few minutes, and just like that you have full control of an extremely powerful machine. Whether it be installing geothermal heating and cooling lines or installing a well, hydraulic drills are the newest, best development in practical home use drilling. 

Before these state of the art drills were developed, gigantic unethically large machines were used to do simple tasks like putting geothermal coils underground. Now, hydraulic drills can slide between fence gates no problem. Instead of tearing up the whole yard, a small area of grass would be affected. They are also easy to run, with models running diesel and gasoline. With a whopping 10,100 lbs of downward force, not much can stand in the way of these insanely powerful rigs. These drills are exceedingly easy to use by one person, which will cut down on team cost. Less manpower to do the same thing, with a less expensive tool, that is smaller, doing less damage to property. Structurally, they are designed to deal with anything and everything thrown at them. Carefully welded together, the frame is deliberately made to deal with the high intensity of strain applied to it. 

Mid-Western offers three versions of hydraulic rock drills, giving you the kind of accessibility you want. The HRT110 comes with everything you need, including the trailer, which can be towed by the average SUV or truck. Able to drill up to 300 feet, this drill will do just about everything that you need. The HR110 comes ready to be attached to an existing hydraulic rig. They can be mounted to John Deere units, Bobcat units, Vermeer units, Ramrod units, Terex units, and more. Possibly the coolest, the HRM110 (mentioned before) offers tread driven mini skid that can drill up to 150 feet – essentially a robot with a drill that is extremely powerful.