Mid-Western has been manufacturing quality rock drills and replacement parts since the 1940’s. We are the only true OEM of the S83 line of Jackleg, Stoper, and Sinker drills as well as the TUL2B and FL7 Feed Legs. We acquired all the intellectual technology from Gardner Denver in the 1980’s and we have been manufacturing the S83 drill line under the Mid-Western name ever since.  We have been the leader in the mining and construction industries for decades. Our powerful drills hit harder and penetrate rock faster than any other drill on the market.  Many companies have copied our S83 name but if you want the best you need to buy a true Mid-Western drill.  Our products might cost a little more than the foreign competition but the quality cannot be surpassed. Make sure you buy certified Mid-Western products by visiting our Parts page or contacting one of our Authorized Dealers.