Muffler Use For Noise Reduction in Pneumatic Drills

Pneumatic drills offer a compact and powerful tool for drilling into most rock surfaces and have advanced the mining and drilling industries throughout their use. They are not however, devoid of all downsides. These drills often produce an excessive amount of noise during their use which causes the operator and those within a specific distance of the operating drill to have to take protective measures from the sound. It is good practice to wear hearing protection while operating any heavy machinery, however there are other options available in order to reduce the sound level produced when operating pneumatic drills.

One of the ways that the sound level of pneumatic drills can be reduced is to utilize a muffler which can be attached to the drill itself. An example of this type of muffler would be the MWS83FM Muffler. This is made of high-quality metal and attaches directly to the pneumatic drill remaining there during operation. It funnels the exhaust produced by the drill so that the air pressure does not create such a high level of noise throughout the duration of the drill’s operation.

The muffler for pneumatic drills was patented in the late 1970’s in order to attempt to reduce the noise levels produced by the drills that were in use at the time. The noise was causing issues for those who were operating the drills and it was decided that an alternative solution was necessary. Most of the attempts to reduce exhaust noises in pneumatic drills have been aimed at hand held and feed leg drills. With this in mind, many of the mufflers have been built to fit around the drill body and exhaust port in order to most effectively funnel the air exhaust from the drill in a fashion that will produce less noise while the drill is in use.

For those looking to make use of the drilling capabilities of handheld or feed leg pneumatic drills the experience can be greatly enhanced by implementing a muffler on the body of the drills. MidWestern Drill provides high-quality drills and accessories such as mufflers in order to provide everything necessary to effectively accomplish the drilling jobs which need to be finished. All of these pieces have been manufactured in the United States and have gone through precision machining and grinding in order to insure that they meet the quality standards that customers need.