Money Saving Solutions to Common Jackleg Drill Issues

The jackleg drill is one of the most commonly used drills in the mining industry. Its use of compressed air to drill into a hard rock surface makes it invaluable for those who are looking for a powerful, yet maneuverable machine. There are many things that drill users should know in order to properly maintain a jackleg drill and make the most out of the machine. With a few quick solutions, most operators should be able to get the full value out of their jackleg drill and fix any issue that arises during routine use.

When something goes wrong with a jackleg drill one of the first steps should be to completely shut down the machine and inspect the individual elements for damage. Using the manufacturer’s instructions, operators should disassemble the jackleg drill in order to fully examine the pieces for damage or dirt deposits. Both of these factors can cause the jackleg drill to malfunction and can create a potentially damaging situation if not remedied before further use.  Regularly checking for damage can greatly extend the life of the jackleg drill.

If there is no damage visible on the drill components then it is best to check the air path for issues. Making sure that the compressed air is able to reach the jackleg drill without encountering any obstructions is one of the most common solutions. It can also be helpful to check the air pressure in the drilling location to insure that it is at least 80 pounds per square inch. Anything below this will cause the drill to lack sufficient power to effectively drill into the rock.

If the issue is with drill rotation then it is best to check a couple of components for wear and tear or damage. The rifle bar, rifle nut, and chuck driver should all be examined before continuing use. If any of these components require replacement it is best to contact the manufacturer. The jackleg drill should also be using about one pint of rock-drill oil for each 6 hours that it is in use. Without proper lubrication damage can occur to the jackleg drill. When working in different climates, be sure to check whether or not the specific rock-drill oil in use is designed for those conditions. This is an often overlooked piece of information which causes jackleg drills to sustain unnecessary damage. MW Drill is also a leading distributor of the highest quality jackleg drill replacement parts.