Mid-Western Drill States Jackleg Drills As Ideal for Winter Mine and Construction Drilling

With the winter months coming up it is important to have the necessary equipment to take on any emergency projects, which can arise with the onset of colder weather. The Jackleg drill sold by Mid-Western Drill is a good match for these sorts of projects because it uses compressed air for percussion drilling.

Jackleg drills are handheld and are perfect for drilling smaller holes into rock. This may become necessary during the winter months when dirt and rocks become harder and colder which would require a high-quality drill to penetrate the surface instead of a simpler tool, which would suffice during the warmer weather.

The jackleg drill is powered by compressed air, which allows it to perform its function of percussion drilling which is based on water coming to the drill through hoses attached separately. This drill has two main pieces, which allow it to function properly, even in cold weather. It is made up of an air cylinder, providing the force required for the drill to powerfully work through hard rock surfaces. The drifter, which is the piece required for the percussion and rotation of the drill bit which is often made of hardened steel.

Mid-Western Drill has been crafting state of the art Jackleg drills since the 1940’s. They have made a commitment to use American labor and materials in order to be able to produce a drill completely made in the United States. These drills are made with every detail taken into account and labeled with a guarantee consumers will receive a high-quality product. For those who are looking to purchase a high-quality drill that can take care of projects even in the colder winter months, Mid-Western Drill has a product which will meet those needs.

About Mid-Western Drill
Mid-Western, LLC is a producer of pneumatic drills, hydraulic drills, located in O’Fallon, Missouri. Mid-Western has been manufacturing a line of compact, small footprint drill rigs since the early 2000’s. Originally designed a shallow water well drilling rig, these powerful Hydraulic Rotary (HR) drills are perfectly suited for a geothermal drill rig. The Mid-Western HR rig is lightweight, able to easily access tight spaces in backyards without damaging existing landscape or crushing driveways and sewer lines. The affordability of Mid-Western’s Hydraulic Rotary drilling equipment brings the average cost per foot for drilling geothermal boreholes to under $7.00 per foot, much less than larger drill rigs. The Mid Western hydraulic drills work so well for geothermal drilling they have just partnered up with Earthlinked Technologies, Inc. Earthlinked is a leading manufacturer of energy saving geothermal solutions. Earthlinked has installed many successful residential and commercial units across the United States, including Google’s Mountain View campus in California.