Mid-Western Drill Advises Well Water Owner to Test Water Every Year

Mid-Western Hydraulic Drill

Mid-Western Hydraulic Drill

According to the American Ground Water Trust and Mid-Western Drill, testing well drinking water is recommended for first time users as well as once a year. You cannot tell the quality of your drinking water by look, smell or taste.

Mid-Western Drill, a leading manufacturer of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Drills, is a supporter of supporting global demand for high quality drinking water through the use of Mid-Western Drill products. Mid-Western Drill’s hydraulic drills are competitively priced while maintaining the highest level of quality in the market.

The American Goundwater Trust, a provider of Water Issues Programs and Education since 1986, has published information on their website regarding water testing. Mid-Western Drill is committed to their hydraulic drilling customers and the safety of their drinking water. If the well water has never been tested, the American Groundwater Trust suggests that owner has a certified laboratory test for these chemicals; coliform bacteria, nitrates, pH (acidity levels), chloride, iron, manganese, sulfate, hardness, alkalinity and total dissolved solids. If the well is located within bedrock areas, it is also recommended to test for arsenic, radon, and fluoride.

Mid-Western Drill sells the highest quality hydraulic drills in the market. After the installation of any new well equipment using a hydraulic drill, if there is any change in taste, color or odor of water, testing is recommended immediately. There are currently three ways for well owners to get their water tested. Option one is contacting a laboratory that offers a delivery and collection service. Sampling instructions are sent through the mail along with testing instructions. Normally, results are returned within a few days. Option two includes using a locally certified laboratory, where owners may stop and pick up sampling instructions and supplies. Results are usually returned within a few days. Option three includes scheduling a laboratory to come to the water well and take water samples. This option may also be available in areas where state or county agencies offer testing services. For more information on water quality and water well, please call 1-800-423-7748.


About Mid-Western Drill

For over 65 years Mid-Western Drill has been manufacturing quality drilling equipment to help keep up with the increasing global demand for mining and minerals. Mid-Western Drill take a lot of pride in their work and it shows in the products.

Mid-Western Drill is the OEM of the popular S83 line of Jack Leg drills used in the mining and construction industries. Mid-Western Jackleg drills hit harder and faster than any other drill on the market. The in-house manufacturing facility allows the company to keep better track of our parts that go through precision machining and grinding. This ensures Mid-Western can monitor the supply chain and keep replacement parts in stock.
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