Jackleg Drills from Mid-Western Drill


Jackleg drill from Mid-Western Drill

Jackleg drill from Mid-Western Drill

Jackleg drills have a long history, dating back to the industrial revolution. These drills are powerful and enabled workers to accomplish much more then they could have ever done by hand.  These pneumatic drills are so powerful because they often use compressed air or an electric motor to power a combined hammer and chisel that enables the worker to easily cut into tough materials.

Jackleg drills come in different sizes from small handheld drills to larger ones that can be mounted to rigs, often used for more intense construction jobs.  Most jackleg drills are used to break up rock, pavement and concrete and are used in multiple construction settings.

Mid-Western produces a top of the line, state of the art Jackleg drill, and has been since the 1940’s. These rock drills are unmatched in quality, making Mid-Western a leader in the mining and construction industry.  When you buy a Jackleg drill from Mid-Western you are buying one of the most powerful drills on the market. Unlike the competition, a jackleg drill is able to infiltrate rock quicker and harder, making your job more effect and costing you less money.

Mid-western also believes in producing a good strong American product, supporting American jobs by manufacturing and casting in the USA.  With a Mid-Western drill you can be assured you are getting a quality product made in the USA. All drills are manufactured to perfection, leaving nothing wanting in the production and manufacturing of the drills.

While there are other drills on the market made by our foreign competitors that are less expensive, when you buy Mid-Western you can be sure that you are not only getting a quality drill, but you are also working with a company that has the United States’ interests at heart.  In today’s economy it is rare to find a company so devoted to stimulating US jobs that they are willing to forgo cheap shortcuts and foreign labor to produce only the best American made product.