Jackleg Drill (MWS83F Jack Leg Drill)

Jackleg Drill

The industry leading Jack Leg drill for the past four decades.  This drill hits harder and penetrates rock faster than any other drill on the market.  For years it has been the most dependable drill for mining and construction projects.  It’s a favorite for both drillers and managers for its power and low maintenance.

Proven Design

  • The most popular Jackleg drill on the market
  • The OEM of the popular MWS83 JackLeg Drill and TUL2B & FL7 Feed Legs
  • Precision manufactured parts that run better and wear down slower
  • Backed by over 65 years of American- made experience


  • Available in telescopic and power retractable models
  • Available in either a 7/8’’ on 1’’ chuck size
  • Sold as either wet or dry (with or without water)
  • Can easily be con- verted to a powerful Sinker drill


  • Mid-Western drills are high quality and competitively priced
  • In-house manufactured parts last longer and perform better

MWS83F Jack Leg Drill Specifications

US Metric
Piston Diameter 3″ 76mm
Length of Stroke 2.5″ 64 mm
Overall Length 27 1/4″ 688 mm
Total Weight 72 lbs. 32.4 kg
Air Hose Size 1″ 25 mm
Water Hose Size 1/2″ 13mm
Chuck Size 7/8″ or 1″ x 4 1/4″ 22mm or 25 mm x 108mm
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