Hydraulic Rotary Drills From Mid-Western Drill Increase in Number in the United States

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) October 05, 2013

Many rotary rigs, counted by the data included in the cited article are types of hydraulic rotary drills. Consumers may wonder where their fuel and energy come from and what these drills have to do with obtaining oil.

Hydraulic Rotary drills or the abbreviated HR is basically a machine, which create holes in the ground. These can vary in size from extremely large rigs for things like oil drilling, to small rigs operated by one person. Rigs can be sedentary or mounted to foundations, or movable and can be easily attacked to trucks or other modes of transportation.

Most small and portable rigs are used for digging water wells, or for exploration or environmental investigation. Larger drills are used to cut though layers of the earth, exposing natural gas and mineral lines for excavation. These larger rigs are what is typically thought of when one thinks of classical oil drilling.

Rigs can be used for various different jobs across a range of drilling and mining industries. From construction to drilling for mineral deposits to tunnel building, rigs serve a divers range of purposes. HR drills are used for a wide range of tasks including oil and gas drilling, well digging, and blast holes. Oil companies typically use larger HR drills, while smaller rigs are used for a range of construction-based jobs. Drilling can be rather dangerous to people and to the environment if done incorrectly or haphazardly, it is always important to be properly trained and use quality equipment when drilling.

For this reason Mid-Western Drill is worth working for if you plan on purchasing a HR. Mid-Western has been around for over 65 years and has been producing a line of quality, not corners cut HR rigs, the most cost efficient on the market. They offer smaller footprint drill rigs, which give you the same power as larger rigs, but at a fraction of the cost. Since they are smaller, they are also made to be used with a smaller crew and can be safely operated by one person. For a company struggling to get started this comes as a great advantage seeing as the drill can do the work of a larger drill, with a far smaller operation cost.

Like all of Mid-Westerns quality products, the HR drills are made from the best materials using top of the industry technology. Their dedication to their products and to their customers also has them offering on-site training to those who are just getting started. This training not only shows their dedication to their customers success with their product, but also shows and unwavering attention to the safety of the operators and consideration to the environment. Contact Mid-Western Drill today at 1-800-693-7455 for all of your drilling needs.