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Jackleg Drills from Mid-Western Drill

on Oct 14, 2013 in Drilling Industry News | 0 comments

  Jackleg drills have a long history, dating back to the industrial revolution. These drills are powerful and enabled workers to accomplish much more then they could have ever done by hand.  These pneumatic drills are so powerful because they often use compressed air or an electric motor to power a combined hammer and chisel that enables the worker to easily cut into tough materials. Jackleg drills come in different sizes from small handheld drills to larger ones that can be mounted to rigs, often used for more intense construction jobs.  Most jackleg drills are used to break up rock,...

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Hydraulic Rotary Drills From Mid-Western Drill

on Sep 30, 2013 in Drilling Industry News | 0 comments

  Hydraulic Rotary drills or the abbreviated HR is basically a machine, which create holes in the ground. These can vary in size from extremely large rigs for things like oil drilling, to small rigs operated by one person. Rigs can be sedentary or mounted to foundations, or movable and can be easily attacked to trucks or other modes of transportation. Most small and portable rigs are used for digging water wells, or for exploration or environmental investigation. Larger drills are used to cut though layers of the earth, exposing natural gas and mineral lines for excavation. These larger...

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What is a pneumatic drill and what is it used for?

on Sep 4, 2013 in Drilling Industry News | 0 comments

  Pneumatic Drills, a type of percussive equipment that runs on compressed air could also be classified as a large mechanical drill. These pneumatic drills are typically used to drill small diameter holes in hard rock in mining and construction. Another name for the tool is simply an “air-drill.” The air that powers the pneumatic drill is delivered to the drill via an air compressor, which is typically run on a diesel engine.  The drill intakes the air via a thick tube that is manufactured to handle high air pressure levels. There are several advantages to using pneumatic drills,...

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Mid-Western Drill Advises Well Water Owner to Test Water Every Year

on Aug 29, 2013 in Drilling Industry News, News | 0 comments

According to the American Ground Water Trust and Mid-Western Drill, testing well drinking water is recommended for first time users as well as once a year. You cannot tell the quality of your drinking water by look, smell or taste. Mid-Western Drill, a leading manufacturer of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Drills, is a supporter of supporting global demand for high quality drinking water through the use of Mid-Western Drill products. Mid-Western Drill’s hydraulic drills are competitively priced while maintaining the highest level of quality in the market. The American Goundwater Trust, a...

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U.S. Sees More Investment in Domestic Drilling

on Jul 20, 2013 in Drilling Industry News | 0 comments

(PRWEB) June 08, 2013 Recently, this blog mentioned that the U.S. supply of recoverable natural gas has increased by 25 percent in the past two years. It’s findings like these that are spurring recent investments in U.S. exploration on the part of oil and gas companies. As one study just found, these companies spent a record $ 185.6 billion on capital expenditures in 2012. As reported by the FuelFix blog, the Ernst & Young study analyzed 50 large oil and gas companies and found that more than 30 have boosted their domestic capital investment. Specifically, these...

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Midwestern Drill Suggests Celebrating Mother’s Day with the Gift of a Geothermal Drilling Rig

on May 17, 2013 in Drilling Industry News | 0 comments

O’Fallon, MO (PRWEB) May 06, 2013 Sunday, May 12 is Mother’s Day, a time where we give thanks to the person who nurtured us, giving us a happy home, and a healthy heart. Mother’s Day falls on the cusp of spring: warmer temperatures and summer soon to follow. With energy costs continuing to soar, families look at ways to save money. Green energy is not only great for the environment, it’s a great way to save hundreds of dollars annually. With geothermal energy gaining in popularity, the question is raised: isn’t it about time Mom received the gift of a...

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