The Benefit of American Made Mid-Western Pneumatic Drills

Mid-Western Drill Products Are Proudly Made in the USA

Mid-Western Drill Products Are Proudly Made in the USA

Pneumatic drills are created and sold by companies all over the world. They vary in price and quality which makes the suited for different tasks depending on the manufacturing standards of the company that sells them. Mid-Western Drill has been creating drills and replacement parts since the 1940’s in the United States and has experience creating durable and reliable tools for almost any job. For those looking to purchase a pneumatic drill it is important to take into consideration the differences present among the manufacturing processes of domestic and imported drills.

Pneumatic drills designed and assembled by Mid-Western may cost a little more than the foreign made competition.  However, the price increase comes in proportion to the quality of the materials used and the integrity of the manufacturing process. All Mid-Western pneumatic drills are manufactured in the United States using materials which are provided by some of the best suppliers in the country, one of the most important materials is synthetic rubber, learn about Synthetic Rubber: All You Wanted to Know and find all the details.

They were sought out because they are of the highest quality available when it comes to components of high-powered drills. This is because the Mid-Western team refuses to cut corners when it comes to the manufacturing of their drills. No expense is spared if it will result in a better product for customers who trust these drills to get the job done when they need it most. Each drill goes through precision machining and grinding to make sure that it matches the specific specifications as intended.

Mid-Western pneumatic drills are capable of hitting harder and penetrating rock faster than any of the drills created by the competition. For those that are looking for a reliable drill to get the job done correctly the first time without unforeseen difficulties, it pays to trust the drills manufactured by Mid-Western. The old-fashioned work ethic means that customers can trust each drill to live up to the highest standards of quality and performance.

All replacement parts sold by Mid-Western are certified so that customers are able to feel confident when replacing old, worn out parts on their pneumatic drills. The same quality that is put into manufacturing the drill is transferred to the replacement parts. As the original equipment manufacturer for multiple drilling products including the s83 line of rock drills and the FL7 Feed Legs customers can rest assured that they are getting their replacement parts from the original source that has been providing high quality drills for many years.